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Biyernes, Hulyo 26, 2013

Tagaytay: the running man's paradise

the best thing about my city is its charmed to frustrated runners like me...jogging uphill, downhill along the Tagaytay Calamba Road , then the Tagaytay Rotonda and of course the Tagaytay Zigzag will certainly discover many many wonderful early morning memories of a city I can call a running man's paradise...

here is a quick look at what early morning Tagaytay can offer.  enjoy the view and join me run an extra mile and discover Tagaytay.

resting near Crosswinds Tagaytay
running down barrio iruhin
view of Laguna and Batangas

laeuna de taal early morning

busy lights surrounding Kidlat's mansion you know who no other woman aspires LOL

at santorini tagaytay zigzag road

kubo near crosswinds tagaytay

im not sure what is the name of this's just amazing  #taalvolcano

rough day at the zigzag road

the road to talisay is tough

sillouette view at the grandview rotonda

resting along the talisay route

waiting for the sun to rise in the banahaw

awaiting a great sunrise in the greek mansion


RUNNING WITH NATURE IN THE SKY CITY is a most welcome treat I can recommend while travelling to the beautiful city of Tagaytay!

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