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Linggo, Agosto 25, 2013

LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE: L symbol for Love is so Purple

2012 was such a defining moment for me.  I spend a lot discovering things. I learn things outside my own box.  I had ventured on a life saving business wherein I could help other people's health.  I monitored my religious well being by serving our parish as a devoted volunteer of Christ.  I came to appreciate life and move on.  I learned to travel.  But Life is an Adventure.  I fell in love.  Love is so purple.  In one of the most not so anticipated serendipity of mine, I met the girl from Lian who is the darling of Las Pinas.  A Legal lady whom I adored.  I just remembered her and even though she had long gone and i hope we remained as friends I called my life as the loveliest adventure of all...From Sunrise to Sunset...from the long travel to Batangas...from the infamous Chapel on a Hill moment...From a lovely traffic that stucked our beloved time...I surely would missed it...I missed it but I embarked on a newer journey.  To love once more.

Lunes, Agosto 19, 2013


I've always frequented my home province of Bohol.  Aside from the very beautiful mountain city of Tagaytay which I call my heavenly residence, the town of Maribojoc offers a lot to new travellers.  It is a dynamic town just 14 kilometers away from the capital city of Tagbilaran.  Our old church in the Poblacion is deemed to be a UNESCO heritage site as well as the fort tower of Punta Cruz Watchtower.  Maribojoc is home to the Abatan River where a proposed ala Loboc floating restaurant is on the wait.  My coined "ThreeBoobMountains" is home to different floras and faunas and also wild monkeys and they claimed to have tarsiers and flying lemurs as well. Most of the houses in Maribojoc are new because some balikbayans chose to build their resthouses there.  It also has a great mangrove boating experience which is my favorite activity in the town.  Previously Samantha, the Burmese Python is frequented by local tourist but she is now preserved.  

Getting to Maribojoc is easy, from the airport take a tricycle to Marcella Mall and proceed to the jeepney terminal nearby you may take Loon and Maribojoc jeeps for they will pass the town.  Expect a jampacked jeep because that is our standard. Enjoy the Bohol experience in Maribojoc.

Huwebes, Agosto 15, 2013


Ive been privileged to see Samantha, the largest Burmese Python in the Philippines...Too sad she died last year sometime in September 2012...Pictures and images of this amazing snake wonder was taken last August 2012...My good friend John Landas was courageous enough to get near her.  Enjoy the last moment with Samantha.

Samantha, similar to Prony, is one of the largest snakes in captivity here in the Philippines. Its girth is about 38 inches and its length is about 17 ft to 19 ft. Even though it is not as long as Prony, this snake’s body is bigger and most of the time it is awake.
Getting inside the cage means paying 50 pesos. This will be for the food maintenance of this Burmese Python and for the improvement of this mini zoo. Yes! The place of Samantha the Burmese Python is now a mini zoo because the owners are trying their best to bring in new animals to improve the look and feel. These new animals include the Iguana, Indonesian Chimpanzee, Civet Cat, Egyptian Feline, Palm Cat, Rabbit, Owl, Pit Bull and many more.
Locally known as “Baksan”, this Burmese Python is getting the attention of showbiz personalities including Bohol-native Cesar Montano, “Matanglawin” host Kuya Kim Atienza among others. Parking space is available nearby, used by tourists who want to visit Samantha the Python as well as the nearby Sagmonan Spring along Bendijo Street.
Situated 15 kilometers from Tagbilaran, the lone city of Bohol, the town of Maribojoc has a lot of things to offer for the traveler’s eye including the Punta Cruz Watch Tower and an old Spanish cotta stone stairs that bring nostalgia. Visit their tourist information desk and you will be amazed of the attractions the town can offer. (SOURCE:

Its better that I be the one to take the picture...

SEE you on our next blog...

Lunes, Agosto 12, 2013


It was quite quaint, misty, seeing my favorite city, the Sky City illuminates with the dew, the fog, the cool crispy air of the habagat...enjoy some sights of one ordinary day in Tagaytay...It's a walking man's paradise as well...Got this camera freak session to burn my boredom away...Ive discovered the old Tagaytay that it is away from the development of a new city...I really loved shooting in the Sky City

Here are some snapshots of my ordinary week in Tagaytay...

my brother's car parked in the rain soaked driveway

turkeys abound in our farm

the new zen type mansion in front of my window pane

our rolling countryside with the pineapples aplenty

my two-unit bungalow now open for walk-in tourists

the ever legendary villa adelaida now a buddhist center

entrance of the newly renovated Lake Hotel..

the new building of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines Training Center

the serene  road along Development Academy of the Philippines Conference Center

watch our for our next blog....

Lunes, Agosto 5, 2013

Asia's oldest zoo...

I have always been captivated as a child, going to the Manila Zoo, there two of most popular wildlife attracts visitors like me...Its been 33 yrs since my first sight of the amazing animals in probably Asia's oldest zoo, I love the giraffe, I dont know her name, the boat ride, but the most visible of them all is Mali.  According to, in a barren pen, Mali spends her days pacing the same concrete area over and over again. Transferred from Sri Lanka to the Manila Zoo when she was just a baby, Mali has lived a life of deprivation since 1977. In the wild, Mali would spend her days in the company of her herd—which she'd never leave—foraging, bathing and playing in rivers, and roaming vast territories. Now Mali has the chance to live the life that she can currently only dream of.  Manila Zoo is located in Adriatico St. Malate, Manila near Rizal Memorial Stadium and Harrison Plaza.  Here i s a quick look at some wildlife of the famed zoo of course ...Mali.   To help Mali kindly log on to