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Linggo, Agosto 25, 2013

LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE: L symbol for Love is so Purple

2012 was such a defining moment for me.  I spend a lot discovering things. I learn things outside my own box.  I had ventured on a life saving business wherein I could help other people's health.  I monitored my religious well being by serving our parish as a devoted volunteer of Christ.  I came to appreciate life and move on.  I learned to travel.  But Life is an Adventure.  I fell in love.  Love is so purple.  In one of the most not so anticipated serendipity of mine, I met the girl from Lian who is the darling of Las Pinas.  A Legal lady whom I adored.  I just remembered her and even though she had long gone and i hope we remained as friends I called my life as the loveliest adventure of all...From Sunrise to Sunset...from the long travel to Batangas...from the infamous Chapel on a Hill moment...From a lovely traffic that stucked our beloved time...I surely would missed it...I missed it but I embarked on a newer journey.  To love once more.

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