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Lunes, Agosto 5, 2013

Asia's oldest zoo...

I have always been captivated as a child, going to the Manila Zoo, there two of most popular wildlife attracts visitors like me...Its been 33 yrs since my first sight of the amazing animals in probably Asia's oldest zoo, I love the giraffe, I dont know her name, the boat ride, but the most visible of them all is Mali.  According to, in a barren pen, Mali spends her days pacing the same concrete area over and over again. Transferred from Sri Lanka to the Manila Zoo when she was just a baby, Mali has lived a life of deprivation since 1977. In the wild, Mali would spend her days in the company of her herd—which she'd never leave—foraging, bathing and playing in rivers, and roaming vast territories. Now Mali has the chance to live the life that she can currently only dream of.  Manila Zoo is located in Adriatico St. Malate, Manila near Rizal Memorial Stadium and Harrison Plaza.  Here i s a quick look at some wildlife of the famed zoo of course ...Mali.   To help Mali kindly log on to

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