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Huwebes, Agosto 1, 2013

ANAWANGIN: Pinatubo and Beyond

 ANAWANGIN COVE is my first ever trip to Zambales.

Along with my Girl Scout friends from the National Equipment Service we take a stroll to this wonderful side of the Pundaquit Mountains in San Antonio, Zambales.  After almost 2 hours travel via SCTEX we passed by the freeport zone in Subic for an early meal in Jollibee SBMA.  We travelled to nearby Castillejos and San Marcelino Zambales which is the main jump off to this serene town of San Antonio.  There we go Pundaquit.  What a lovely place.  There are many resorts in Pundaquit. But we find the Anawangin Cove to be more interesting and seeing some portions of Capones Island...which soon I will discover...Follow me and enjoy ANAWANGIN COVE...a natural wonder which they say is the magical contribution of the Mount Pinatubo eruption, its powdery sand, its illustrous pine trees and its ANAWANGIN.

Budget:   for group tours I may say P2K per pax...Anawangin Cove will be conquered!

musikero in Pundaquit

rock formation islands near Nagsasa Cove

classic Anawangin white sand blended with Pinatubo ash.

Local pine trees dotting the shores of Anawangin

Pundaquit Mountains at bay

travellinronzky Pundaquit pose in Anawangin

enjoying the waters with Sigfred, Richard, Bobby, Minchy


our next destination:  AKLAN   see you mga ka travellinronzky

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