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Lunes, Agosto 12, 2013


It was quite quaint, misty, seeing my favorite city, the Sky City illuminates with the dew, the fog, the cool crispy air of the habagat...enjoy some sights of one ordinary day in Tagaytay...It's a walking man's paradise as well...Got this camera freak session to burn my boredom away...Ive discovered the old Tagaytay that it is away from the development of a new city...I really loved shooting in the Sky City

Here are some snapshots of my ordinary week in Tagaytay...

my brother's car parked in the rain soaked driveway

turkeys abound in our farm

the new zen type mansion in front of my window pane

our rolling countryside with the pineapples aplenty

my two-unit bungalow now open for walk-in tourists

the ever legendary villa adelaida now a buddhist center

entrance of the newly renovated Lake Hotel..

the new building of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines Training Center

the serene  road along Development Academy of the Philippines Conference Center

watch our for our next blog....

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  1. Hi! May i know where is villa adelaida located? We used to go there when i was a kid and had great memories of the place. Would you know if the buddhists accept visitors?