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Huwebes, Agosto 15, 2013


Ive been privileged to see Samantha, the largest Burmese Python in the Philippines...Too sad she died last year sometime in September 2012...Pictures and images of this amazing snake wonder was taken last August 2012...My good friend John Landas was courageous enough to get near her.  Enjoy the last moment with Samantha.

Samantha, similar to Prony, is one of the largest snakes in captivity here in the Philippines. Its girth is about 38 inches and its length is about 17 ft to 19 ft. Even though it is not as long as Prony, this snake’s body is bigger and most of the time it is awake.
Getting inside the cage means paying 50 pesos. This will be for the food maintenance of this Burmese Python and for the improvement of this mini zoo. Yes! The place of Samantha the Burmese Python is now a mini zoo because the owners are trying their best to bring in new animals to improve the look and feel. These new animals include the Iguana, Indonesian Chimpanzee, Civet Cat, Egyptian Feline, Palm Cat, Rabbit, Owl, Pit Bull and many more.
Locally known as “Baksan”, this Burmese Python is getting the attention of showbiz personalities including Bohol-native Cesar Montano, “Matanglawin” host Kuya Kim Atienza among others. Parking space is available nearby, used by tourists who want to visit Samantha the Python as well as the nearby Sagmonan Spring along Bendijo Street.
Situated 15 kilometers from Tagbilaran, the lone city of Bohol, the town of Maribojoc has a lot of things to offer for the traveler’s eye including the Punta Cruz Watch Tower and an old Spanish cotta stone stairs that bring nostalgia. Visit their tourist information desk and you will be amazed of the attractions the town can offer. (SOURCE:

Its better that I be the one to take the picture...

SEE you on our next blog...

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