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Miyerkules, Hulyo 31, 2013


ABRA. ANAWANGIN. AKLAN. ANTIQUE...4 distinct wonders...It continues to amaze me and keep wondering as a natural backpacker .  When will I ever go back?

Abra Tunnel courtesy of
Abra is a rugged province with great mountain ranges, a dynamic capital in Bangued.  It is home to the Tinguians.  I stayed at King David Hotel in Abra, during my last stint with the Girl Scouts of the Philippines.  Prior to that, I happened to loved this place because my interesting lovelife has its shares on this beautiful province.  Bangued offers also an Ilocandia feel of life.  From Cubao to Bangued, just ride a scenic Partas Bus schedule to the landlocked province of Abra passing through Narvacan Ilocos Sur junction.  At the junction, going to the right means going to Bangued, while straight forward means going to the Spanish style city of Vigan.  Bangued is home to Divine World College.  Temperature is a little bit warm compared to other towns in Abra, it sits on a valley with the Abra River on the background. A newly constructed bridge , thanks to then Cong. Bersamin welcomes you aside from the majestic Abra Welcome Tunnel.  Soon, the capital will be a proposed city.  I enjoyed the breakfast at Oval Era Hotel and sunrise is astonishing seeing the whole Abra Valley.  May I ask also everyone to support the Abra Girl Scouts Council...our young girls need your financial cooperation as well...You may contact Miss Kristine.  Visit also the weaving industry of this province.  Travel Budget . 3 thousand pesos.

and for our next destination:  ANAWANGIN  see you guys...thank you for reading my post.

Biyernes, Hulyo 26, 2013

TAGAYTAY: mga unang stopover

Travelling to the sky city is fun especially when commuting.  With the new southwest terminal opening on August 6, 2013, all travel to the province of Cavite including Tagaytay will be served by a new bus station in Paranaque Coastal Mall.  (the Lawton route is currently within the Quirino Vito Cruz area, the Cubao route is still pending since the San Agustin Bus Company has one terminal near the EDSA Farmers Plaza, Erjohn Terminal is near MRT Pasay along with the Genesis Transport, for some commuters they also tried UV Express and Balibago bound buses in Buendia Ave.)

Plying and commuting through the Aguinaldo Highway, weekend travel is much lighter in the morning.  Passing through the historic cities of Bacoor, Imus and Dasmarinas, one would see the continuous boom of industrialization and urbanization of the province of Cavite.  Passing through the first class town of Silang, a number of establishments from universities, organic farms, restaurants also would make you take a first look.
You may try in your next travel itinerary

Cafe San Antonio Lalaan II Silang Cavite

Cafe San Antonio, is coffee shop cum bookstore located in the Rogationist College complex along Aguinaldo Highway, RC happened to be my alma mater.

Tagaytay is just minutes away.

First Stop:

The Pink Sisters along with Angel Hills Retreat center are two of the most frequented religious spots.  Tagaytay dubbed as the Vatican of the Philippines boas of a hundred seminaries, retreat houses and monasteries...Its no wonder the Sky City is very popular during summer.  Just after the Welcome to Tagaytay billboards you will be able to reach this popular convent of the Pink Sisters.

Me and my GSP Shares friends drop by from our Hamvention at the Dominique Hotel just nearby.  Thank you Miss Cynthia for this picture. 

Meditating at the Pink Sisters Convent with Cynthia, Joan and Rosy of GSP

TAGAYTAY all you can...the trippers best city

magpacute sa pinetree

the right way to sleep

the right way to have no jacket

the right way to pose

the right way to owl

the right way to meditate

Tagaytay: the ever gradually changing city

they say the sky city has evolved a lot in the past 20 years....ever since the July 16, 1990 earthquake and the 1991 Pinatubo eruption, continued development has bloomed in the beautiful city of Tagaytay...though there is also a need for fiscal doubt the city is bound to be one of the most liveable cities not only here in the Philippines but in Asia as well...

summit ridge hotel starbuckscafe

skyranch tagaytay

svd tagaytay

no matter what happens to the sky city ... there will always be horses around.

Tagaytay: the running man's paradise

the best thing about my city is its charmed to frustrated runners like me...jogging uphill, downhill along the Tagaytay Calamba Road , then the Tagaytay Rotonda and of course the Tagaytay Zigzag will certainly discover many many wonderful early morning memories of a city I can call a running man's paradise...

here is a quick look at what early morning Tagaytay can offer.  enjoy the view and join me run an extra mile and discover Tagaytay.

resting near Crosswinds Tagaytay
running down barrio iruhin
view of Laguna and Batangas

laeuna de taal early morning

busy lights surrounding Kidlat's mansion you know who no other woman aspires LOL

at santorini tagaytay zigzag road

kubo near crosswinds tagaytay

im not sure what is the name of this's just amazing  #taalvolcano

rough day at the zigzag road

the road to talisay is tough

sillouette view at the grandview rotonda

resting along the talisay route

waiting for the sun to rise in the banahaw

awaiting a great sunrise in the greek mansion


RUNNING WITH NATURE IN THE SKY CITY is a most welcome treat I can recommend while travelling to the beautiful city of Tagaytay!

TAGAYTAY: the start of my journey...the genesis of a lifetime adventure

I may say that my escapades started as a young boy in one city not so urban but the winds and mists touched the rolling hills of one Tagaytay , grappling to find some spiders around the banana plantation to the coffee farms.  

This is Tagaytay, Asia's next Shangrila and retirement haven, blessed with great views and wonderful memories ...this is my 38th year as Sky City's ambassador to the world.

on top of Mount Gonzales, to some Mount Sungay,      a 360 degreesummit where you can see everything in daylight.

Mount Gonzalez is the home of the former Palace in the Sky, now turned into a People's Park